This is a picture of young Will. Click on the picture to see him growed up and shootin' like a champion! We can't all shoot that well, but we're workin' on it and havin' fun!

Fun matches take place the third Saturday of every month, with a safety meeting at 9:30 and stages starting around 10:00. This gives shooters, from down-island or further away, lots of time to arrive and we welcome you all! The cost is $20  to shoot and $5 for lunch. Let us know a couple of weeks ahead of time if you plan to camp out in our Boomtown parking lot so we can reserve a space for you.

Fun Matches: 2017 Match Directors


October - Slim and Helena Handbasket

November - Caycuse Kid

December - Killshot Kenny

At the end of the day we have some pretty tuckered out cowboys and cowgirls. We still like nothing better than to rendezvous in the parking lot whether it's a fun shoot or a more major match; whether there are a few of us or a parking lot full. Lots of fellowship, food (potlucks usually) and fun. Come join us.